Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe are keeping busy making jigs, jigs, and more jigs! We've picked up many new stores over the past few years and are ready for a few Outdoors Shows in Northwestern Ontario in the next few months to come! Remember, if you catch a fish with one of our jigs, e-mail us a picture and we'll put it on the website.

Our jigflies are very versitile and can be casted off shoals/reefs or shorelines, jigged vertically in both the summer or for ice fishing, can be trolled with a regular rod and reel, and can even be used for down rigging given you have a heavy enough head weight.


    Mitch & Joe Kostecki are from a small town in North West Ontario, called Terrace Bay. Mitch is 22 years old and has been helping his dad for over about 10 years now. What started as a hobby of tying jigs, is expanding to a busy small business. Mighty Mitch follows in his dad's footsteps as an avid outdoors person who loves to fish with dad, a.k.a Jungle Joe, and his grandpa Pat Bailey. We angle for almost all species, but prefer to target speckled trout.
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Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe's Jig Flies
    Our jigflies are all hand made - right from pouring the lead jig heads, to tying and packaging all of our jigflies with only the highest quality materials. We use gold, titanium, or red hooks with a wider gap in our jigflies, refusing to use the traditional bronze hooks that often rust in the neck bonnet and break off after excessive use.

  The painting of the jigs is done in three steps: primer first, epoxy paint coating mix second, and the final step is a clear coat epoxy finish. The body is made from a mixture of hair, feathers, crystal flash, flashabou, squirrel tail, pheasant feathers, and peacock herl.