John Bouma, from Bowmanville, with a beauty great lakes rainbow trout caught on a black GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Muzzy Odawa with a massive Lake Trout that attacked the 1 oz. Smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Michelle Garneau with a nice laker through the ice on a MM&JJ smelt pattern Jigfly
Jake from Lindsay with a 17" coaster brook trout that hit a 1/4 oz. GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Michelle Matte with a nice sized walleye (pickerel) caught on a chartreuse MM&JJ Jigfly
Tom Armstrong with a very healthy lake trout caught ice fishing with one of our MM&JJ Jigflies
Jeff Bondar with a big white walleye (pickerel) caught on a chartreuse 3/8th oz. MM&JJ Jigfly
Chuck Logan with a dark coloured trout through the ice, that gulped up a blue bullet head MM&JJ Jigfly
Savanah with a big British Columbia Bull Trout that was caught on the 1.5 oz. Green MM&JJ Jigfly
Corrine Armstrong from Thunder Bay with a laker through the ice, caught on an MM&JJ Jigfly
Corey caught this stunning lake trout from Great Slave Lake on one of our chartreuse MM&JJ Jigflies
Kelly McNay with a huge laker of her own caught on the 1.5 oz bullethead MM&JJ Jigfly
Katie Ball with an inland laker caught on a black GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Anthony Giroux seems to be content with this pig of a lake trout caught on the 1.5 oz. MM& JJ Jigfly
88 Years Old and still going! Papa Jim Kostecki with a Lake Superior Coaster caught on a GE Special MM&JJ Jigfly
Cal Fors with a nice red fin laker through the ice on a pink MM&JJ Jigfly
Randy Lake with a Lake Superior Coaster on an orange bullethead MM&JJ Jigfly
"The Complete Angler" Don Lamont with a nice smallmouth bass caught on an all black MM&JJ Jigfly
Brian Neureuther from Kakabeka with a nice laker through the ice on a smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Sandro Fragale with a beauty rainbow caught on a smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Daryl Reilly with a little football of a smallmouth caught on a black & brown MM&JJ Jigfly
Fishing with family & Friends!

Smile for your close-ups!
Lake Trout on Smelt Pattern
Smallmouth Bass on Orange & Brown Falred Neck
Brook Trout on Red Bullet Head
Steelhead on Pink & Purple Bullet Head
Chinook on Pink GE Special
Splake on an Orange Flared Neck MM&JJ Jigfly
Smallmouth on a yellow & orange GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
ONTARIO RECORD BURBOT caught on a 1 oz. smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
When Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe are not too busy tying jigflies, this is what we love to do in our spare time - fishing with family and friends!
"Throwback" to a young Mighty Mitch pictured with 3 different 7 lb brook trout caught near the Terrace Bay area! Mounts by:
Fly's Taxidermy - Dave VanVlymen
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