A hog brook trout caught on a white MM&JJ Jigfly
A nice fall speck on the white GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Healthy looking Nipigon brook trout caught on the yellow MM&JJ Jigfly
The rare Lake Nipigon Brown Trout caught on a white and silver MM&JJ Jigfly
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Jungle Joe with a 37" Lake Superior Pike that hammered a 1/4 oz. Red GE Special MM&JJ Jigfly
Jungle Joe with a 13" Jumbo Perch caught on a 1/8th oz. Pink MM&JJ Jigfly
Gord Ellis, Ontario Out of Doors Editor, with a huge Brook Trout caught on a brown GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Gordon Ellis Sr. Witha behemoth brook trout caught on a 1/4 oz. GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Mitch Zuk, from Erin Ontario, with a beautiful laker caught on a smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Dan Katajamaki from Thunder Bay, showing us a nice laker he caught with one of our Pink MM&JJ Jigflies
Bert Johnson with a big lake trout caught on a 1 oz. smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Storm Carroll with a gorgeous salmon from BC, caught on a 1/2 oz. MM&JJ Jigfly
Sean Moulton with a healthy Algonquin Park brook trout caught on a green GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Kirsti Harris with a gorgeous coloured brook trout caught on an orange GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
Landan Brochu with the ONTARIO RECORD BURBOT! Caught on one of our very own smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigflies!
Gene Belec with a gorgeous Lake Nipigon Speckled Trout, caught on one of our 3/8th oz. MM&JJ Jigflies
Dirk Pitt with a big red fin lake trout caught in BC, with a 1 oz. MM&JJ Jigfly
Samantha Boyce from Kakabeka with a chunky inland laker, caught on the smelt pattern MM&JJ Jigfly
Mighty Mitch with a trophy walleye (pickerel) that inhaled a chartreuse 3/8th oz. MM&JJ Jigfly
Jesse Leach showing off his Massive Northern Pike and MM&JJ Gear!
Sami Leach with her personal best coaster brook trout caught on one of our MM&JJ Jigflies
Kayla Lauka with a nice small mouth bass caught on a round head MM&JJ Jigfly
Mike Abbot Jr. with a river run salmon caught on the "chromenator" 1/4 oz. MM&JJ Jigfly
"Papa" Pat Bailey with a gorgeous inland speck caught out of a canoe while fishing with Jungle Joe
Pier Zuk with a nice Smallmouth caught on a yellow GE special MM&JJ Jigfly
GORD ELLIS - Senior Ontario Out of Doors writer & editor and professional fisherman has caught many fish from using Mighty Mitch and Jungle Joe's Jig flies! Here are just a few of his many great catches with our lures!
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Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe's Jig Flies